One of the characteristics we admire most in people, is undoubtedly resilience.

And there is a very simple reason for it.

We live in a difficult, unfair, and often even cruel world.

Still, we live in the best of times, where we have more health, comfort and technology than ever before, which of course makes our lives easier.

But of course, that does not make things always easy.

We will suffer defeat and we need to be prepared for them when they happen.

We must always try to do our best, be disciplined, belong, nurture friendship, we must be inspired, and we must inspireā€¦

But still, things often go wrong.

It is for this moment that we need resilience, not accepting defeat, in the sense of finding a new path and continuing our pursuit in order to reach our goals.

Do things differently in order to have different results.

Facing obstacles and looking at them as opportunities to find a new path.

That is what Jiu-Jitsu teaches.

And the sooner you learn it the less complicated your path becomes.

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