How valuable is it to know the person by your side in the trenches? More than the war itself.

What would our lives be without our friends?

Knowing that we have people who are ready to support us in our defeats and that they are the ones that celebrate our success is perhaps one of the main factors to justify our happiness.

The phrase “Anyone who has friends has everything” may even be a little exaggerated, but certainly those who do not have them, have nothing.

However, friendship is not an automatic or imposed thing, it depends on values and virtues.

Not all people deserve our friendship, so the construction of values, such as respect, belonging, courage, among others, are essential for solid and long-lasting friendships to happen.

The mat is the perfect place for great friendships to develop, the search for constant evolution, the understanding that no one gets anywhere alone, facing challenges, excitement, commitment, support, among many other is what creates strong bonds of friendship.

A friend is someone who might “beat” you but also and teaches you, also someone who you might “beat” but you also help.

This is Jiu-Jitsu, where your child will find true and long-lasting friendships.

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