If there is any common trait in successful people, that would be discipline.

When we talk about sports and especially martial arts the first thing that comes to mind is that this is an aspect that will be worked on.

Yes, it is true!

Although not only athletes or sportsmen are disciplined people, it is a characteristic that can developed early in training. Consequentially when we think about the kids it’s the phase where this characteristic can be more easily worked on.

What do we mean by discipline?

Discipline is simply the idea of establishing a strong commitment to yourself, always.

Motivation is the first step, the second one is to be disciplined.

Discipline generates consistency, which in turn generates results, which reinforces the importance of pleasure for rewarded effort, which generates more effort, discipline and results.

Jiu-Jitsu creates this virtuous cycle in our little ones who naturally perceive that dedicating themselves to something generates a reward, and that feeling that came from within through their own dedication can be extended beyond the mats into world out there.

And how much of an advantage would that be?!

Bring your child to Jiu-Jitsu